21 Day Health/Body Transformation Challenge

An image of a protein Bar from Herbalife Nutrition

21 Day Health/Body Transformation Challenge

Shows an image of Formula 1 Strawberry Meal Replacement from Herbalife Nutrition
F1 Strawberry

As I have a rare disease called Addison’s I have to take steroid Medication everyday to keep me alive. However, this has resulted in weight gain of around 3 stone in the last five years. It is now time to start reversing the trend before I become a little barrel.

I have previously used Herbalife Nutrition many years ago on which I had really good results. So, I contacted an old friend and re-joined as a member which allows me to buy products at a discount.

As they are meal replacement shakes and as I am also having difficulty with my teeth due to wear (a side effect of the steroids) this is a win, win situation.

I ordered my first products in May and began with replacing one meal per day plus I reduced my Carbohydrate intake as well as increasing my fruit and vegetables. I felt that I had started to take control of my eating.

I was then informed by my friend that there was a 21 Day Challenge starting on June 4th. As I wanted weight loss this would mean swapping two meals for meal replacement shakes as well as eating a healthy meal with 2/3 snacks plus a minimum 2 Litres of water.

I began the challenge on the 4th June 2018 after weighing myself and measuring my waist, arm and top of my leg. Initially it can be inches lost rather than weight loss.

The challenge ended the evening of Sunday 24th June 2018.

Here are my results and what to do next if this is something you are interested in trying.

At the end of the 21 Day Challenge I had lost 4 Kilos plus 4cm off my waist. I think this is a fantastic result for someone who has put weight on constantly and with little/no exercise.

There will be another 21-day challenge starting soon if you are interested join my facebook group. Or take a look at all the products on LMF Vitality.

If you are serious about changing your health then get started NOW!


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Introducing: Heavenly Bubbles

Handmade Bath Bombs,

Handmade Bath Bombs, Body Butter and Natural Soaps

an image of Heavenly Bubble showing Handmade Bath Bombs and soaps

Introducing the company and products of Heavenly Bubbles. Sometime a long soak in bubbles is just what the doctor orders!

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Lindsay Loves: Poole Pottery

PImage of a Poole pOttery Bud Vase in Poppy Design

Lindsay Loves: Poole Pottery

Image og a Poole Pottery Vase from the Odyssey Range


I love Poole Pottery and have small collection of pieces from the Odyssey Range and from the Volcano Range shown above. Some of my oldest pieces were bought in the 1980’s and are unique as they continue to change pattern due to the living glaze technique Poole Pottery is famous for.

An image of a Poole Pottery Bud Vase from the Maya Range

One of the new ranges available to purchase is called Maya and a small bud vase, see above, is on my 2018 wish list.

In 2012 Poole Pottery became part of Burgess Leigh Ltd which is part of the Denby Group. They produce new ranges such as the Maya above as well as some of the older designs.

Again, I will be looking at selling items I no longer need or want on my personal ebay site in order to fund the purchases on my wish list.



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Looking for a Craft Store?

Card Making

I have only just started to make my own cards this year and have made the grand total of 6 cards.

An image of a Handmade Birthday Card

On looking around the internet to find places to buy the materials need I found a great place to buy for all paper crafts.

An image of a card being Hand Made


Hope you find it useful.

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Plan For June 2018

Healthier, Wealthier and Joy

Plan For June 2018

May’s motto was Healthier, Wealthier and Happier

June’s motto is Healthier, Wealthier and Joy


Continuing with my Herbalife Shakes and trying to eat healthier overall.

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